MAGIC @ WORK - Christian Vandsø Andersen
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Topleder om dagen. Tryllekunstner om aftenen. Unik udgivelse hvor Christian Vandsø fortæller om hvordan han anvender teknikker fra trylleri og mentalisme i sit virke som leder, senest som Vice President ved LEGO. Spændende læsning. 284 sider.

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  • Magic @ Work is here! Inner secrets from a magician who is also VP at the LEGO Group.

    Magic @ Work is a journey into the extraordinary. In this captivating read, you will dive into the mesmerizing world of magic and learn how its principles can elevate your leadership, whether you're leading teams, projects, or even yourself.

    Discover the enigmatic techniques that magicians use to captivate audiences and apply them to leadership, innovation, and influence. This isn't just about who you are; it's about your narrative – the story you craft and control within an organization. 'Magic @ Work' reveals the profound influence of your personal narrative and how you can master it.

    Uncover the secret 'language within the language' that magicians employ to sway minds and explore the rhetorical secrets of charismatic speaking. You'll gain valuable insights into the art of persuasion and how to harness it to become an influential leader.

    But that's not all. 'Magic @ Work' also takes you behind the scenes of creating a learning organization, keeping employees motivated, and the inspiring journey of the LEGO Group's innovative leadership model "The Leadership Playground".

    All through the lens of a leader who is also a magician. Which means you will learn magic as well. Thrilling feats of magic and mentalism will be taught throughout the book to teach you how to become a magician and use those skills at work.

    Whether you are searching for new insights into leadership or are simply curious to explore the intriguing intersection of magic and work, this book will shift your perspective and unlock hidden possibilities. Magic At Work is an illuminating read for leaders, innovators, and anyone striving to achieve their greatest potential.

    284 pages.