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"MARLO The Final Cut" er længe ventet godt nyt for alle Ed Marlo fans. Materialet er samlet fra alle mulige stedet og indeholder hundredvis af tricks, greb, rutiner, snedige idéer og meget mere. Flot bogindbundet bog på 312 sider.

Mere information

  • MARLO The Final Cut is the broadest and most ambitious compilation of Ed Marlo’s work ever published. Spanning more than thirty different published sources released from 1941-1974, it covers hundreds of tricks, moves, routines, subtleties, musings, and thought problems. Not only does this volume compile thirteen distinct books, but it also reprints his contributions from a myriad of other publications—magazines to books to newsletters.

    In this hardback tome you’ll discover material of all kinds—from close-up to stage, from semi-automatic to knuckle-busting, from complex routines to simple tricks. Learn modernist masterpieces like Devilish Miracle, practical worker’s material like Cardician Makes Good, ornate dances like New Elevator, and elemental concepts like the KM Move.

    Compiled and edited by N. C. Colwell with more than 300 endnotes and notations providing historical, literary, and clarifying context and foreword and remembrance by two of Ed Marlo’s most prominent students - Jon Racherbaumer and Allan Ackerman.

    Hardcover, 312 pages. ISBN 978-0-9729263-9-3