PARLOUR TRICKS - Morgan & West
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Nu på lager i 3. oplag. En virkelig flot bog, hvor engelske Morgan & West deler hemmelighederne bag deres halvanden times parlour show (der også medfølger som video). Super inspirerende! 356 sider - 206 fotos.

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  • “Morgan and West are that rare thing, utterly unique, enormously entertaining and totally fooling. This gorgeous book contains all the secrets of their professional repertoire.....What the hell are they thinking! Buy it now before they change their minds” - Andy Nyman


    Parlour Tricks by Morgan & West is a deep dive into the mechanics of putting together a parlor magic show. This acclaimed duo has performed all over the world and their personas are that of time-traveling Victorian magicians. They are among the most unique acts in the industry, and for the first time ever, they explain not only their full show, but also how they approach assembling a magic show.

    In 356 full-color pages, you'll learn a dozen routines and host of new theories. They also provide their complete annotated scripts so that you can understand why they say what they say, and how the words mesh with the mechanics of a show. You'll learn about sequencing a show and how Morgan & West go about material selection.

    You'll learn signature effects like "Ring on Ribbon," "Thought-of Cards Across," and a book test without a book, plus much more! While Morgan & West perform as a duo, ALL of this material is easily adapted for solo performers, and all of the advice and theory is applicable to solo magicians.

    BONUS: To help ensure the best learning experience, we're also including the full show performance by Morgan & West so that you can enjoy and appreciate the contents of the book live and in action.

    Hardbound. Full color. 356 pages. 206 photographs.


    "I love this snuff-snorting duo more than I love my taxidermy. I want to climb into a tiny iron bed with them and tickle them in their nightshirts until they consumptively cough up every last filthy blood-soaked secret into their tatty gentlemen’s kerchiefs. Please no-one else buy this book." - Derren Brown 

    "Parlour Tricks is not just attractive, it’s informative as well. A real peek inside two minds worth peeking into. Even if they don’t know how to spell parlor." - Mac King