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Det er ikke så ofte, at Las Vegas professionelle artister deler ud af det materiale de optræder med. Derfor er denne bog med John van der Put aka "Piff The Magic Dragon" så meget desto mere opsigtsvækkene. Og så er inspirerende og sjov!

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  • A hilarious and intimate look at the life and secrets of the hardest-working dragon in magic. You’ve never read anything quite like Piff the Magic Book - Vol.1. It’s rare for a magician to give up such strong material, especially a working pro that still uses some of it in their act. But it’s even more rare when that magician is a Las Vegas superstar like Piff the Magic Dragon.

    Who is Piff the Magic Dragon?
    Following the massive popularity of his viral appearances on Fool Us and memorable run to the finals on America’s Got Talent, Piff has been hosting his own show in the Piff the Magic Dragon Theater at the famous Flamingo Hotel since 2015.

    The enviable career Piff has created from his on-screen appearances is no accident though. He’s the epitome of a true pro and has been endlessly committed to perfecting his craft since long before his mainstream fame. Piff is the only magic-dragon member of the prestigious Magic Circle in England and one of the youngest magicians to ever lecture there. He’s also one of the first people Penn & Teller call when they need help creating new routines.

    What is Piff the Magic Book?
    Piff the Magic Book gives you a first-hand look at Piff’s entire life in magic from how he became a magic dragon to how he landed a show in Las Vegas—including the most valuable routines that got him there. In total, Piff explains 10 of his favorite tricks in complete detail with help from one of magic’s premier authors John Lovick.

    You’ll learn amazing routines like the Ring in Egg he did on America’s Got Talent: The Champions, as well as the famous signed card in dog food effect that earned him a Golden Buzzer from Neil Patrick Harris. The highlight for many magicians though will likely be “VDP”, the gradual transformation of one signed card into another that he credits for catapulting his career after performances on Fool Us and AGT.

    This book is so much more valuable than just the magic secrets though. Even if you never perform any of the tricks taught, you will still walk away with a wealth of knowledge on how to be a better performer. Piff doesn’t just share the method but also the fascinating and outlandish stories and thought processes that brought them to life. Everything is perfectly captured in a more than 430-page gorgeous hardcover book accompanied by a profuse amount of stunning full-color photographs.

    431 Pages | Hardcover | Full Color Photos | Ribbon Bookmark