SCRIPTING MAGIC - vol. 1 - Pete McCabe
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Nu er den tilbage... Peter McCabes ekstreme populære bog fra 2007, der handler om hvad du siger, når du optræder. Bidrag fra 26 af magiens bedste folk.

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  • When Scripting Magic was first released in 2007, it was an immediate, surprise sensation. Magicians around the world, hungry for ways to improve their magic, were thrilled to have a volume dedicated to the vital question: what do you say when you perform? Written by Pete McCabe and including contributions from 26 of magic's best thinkers and most experienced performers, Scripting Magic zipped through three printings and has been unavailable for years. 

    Vanishing Inc. is proud to publish the definitive edition of Scripting Magic. This new version, expanded with illustrations, contains fantastic magic from luminaries like John Lovick, Jon Armstrong, Max Maven, and David Regal, and covers the process for creating memorable presentations. You'll learn how to write, edit, and perform compelling magic in this one-of-a-kind exploration into the presentation of magic.

    • 462 Pages
    • 43 Scripts
    • 30 Tricks
    • Fully illustrated

    Contributors: Michael Ammar, Jon Armstrong, Bruce Barnett, Rafael Benatar, Eugene Burger, Michael Close, Bob Farmer, Paul Green, Eric Henning, Guy Hollingworth, Larry Jennings, Mark Joerger, Kenton Knepper, Jonathan Levit, John Lovick, Max Maven, Eric Mead, Séan O'Néill, Gary Ouellet, David Regal, Jim Steinmeyer, Vic Sussman, Jamy Ian Swiss, Teller, Joe M. Turner, and Larry White.