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"Hvis Einstein havde været tryllekunstner, ville han have skrevet den her bog". Frit citeret Mark Elsdon. Ny engelsk oversættelse af spanske Ramón Riobóos bog med kortmagi af den slags, som ingen kan regne ud.

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  • Ramón Riobóo  has a reputation as an innovator of card tricks capable of fooling and entertaining the most knowledgeable audiences, whether magicians or the public. His methods defy the common expectations of mathematically based solutions. They are at the same time simple and sophisticated, often seasoned with a touch of sleight-of-hand. His constructions make the math and the manipulation invisible.

    While his first book, "Thinking the Impossible", showed Riobóo’s ability to fool the best and brightest, all who have read Second Thoughts, his newest collection of card magic, judge it to be not a sequel but a step up to a new level of ingenious deception. It is a substantial gathering of truly baffling card magic, designed to be performed with an air of casualness that baits the trap and then springs it down hard onto your rational mind.

    As befits a longtime friend of Juan Tamariz, Ramón Riobóo knows what makes a baffling card trick and how to manipulate minds as adroitly as hands do playing cards. When you open this book, be prepared to marvel at familiar effects that suddenly take a turn into the twilight zone, as well as effects you’ve never dreamed possible.

    Second Thoughts is a generous second helping of Riobóo magic. In it he explains nearly fifty tricks and routines, gives a selection of his favorite tools for constructing marvels and rounds things out with essays explaining his thinking and the theory behind his unique brand of card magic.

    Second Thoughts will have you rethinking your approach to card magic and applying Riobóo’s ideas to make its effects entertaining, its methods impenetrable. Second thoughts for everyone!

    356 pages. 

    “If you like fooling other magicians, then this book has your name written all over it. If you are a professional performer, there are at least half-a-dozen killer tricks that you’ll want to add to your repertoire immediately. And I finally have an answer to my question: “If Einstein had been into card magic, I wonder what kind of book he would have written?” Now I know.  Highest recommendation.” - Mark Elsdon