SOLOMON'S SECRET - David Solomon
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Godt nyt fra én af Amerikas mest interessante kortmagikere. David Solomons nye flotte bog indeholder 50 korteffekter, der både vil fornøje dig og dine tilskuere.

Mere information

  • David Solomon is one of America's most prolific cardicians, having spent fifty three years seeking out, refining, and inventing the most interesting and fooling methods in the card magic. 

    A confidant of Ed Marlo, and a stalwart of the "Chicago Session" (with John Bannon and Simon Aronson), Solomon has developed his own style and reputation as a creator of superlative and cunning card tricks. 

    Over the last ten years, he has published more than 100 tricks online, in print, and shared them via DVD. Now, he has compiled the best of them in this, his latest must-have volume. 

    Solomon’s Secrets includes 50 card effects, among them nuanced performance effects, poker tricks, card matches, mental miracles, updated mathematical approaches, and personal takes on classic plots. Among the noteworthy effects explained are Solomon’s Simple Oil and Water, The Finger Print Trick, Folded Discovery, Matcho From a Shuffled Deck, Blah Day Clock, and Spectator Cuts U Count.

    The book's 208 pages are filled with detailed instructions, complemented by over 200 photos that clearly illustrate all sleights, layouts, and procedures. At the end of most effects, the reader is invited into “Solomon’s Mind,” to better understand the thinking behind each effect, as well as its development and the ideas which led to its creation.