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Ben Harris er tilbage med et kæmpe projekt. Han har tweaket og transformeret det klassiske spil tryllekort "Svengali" - og resultatet vil blæse dig bagover! Pakken indeholder en super flot bog på 130 sider og 3 spil kort, du ikke finder andre steder.

Mere information

  • This innovative kit is dedicated to one versatile idea: how to elevate the principles of the classic Svengali Deck into something 10,000 times more amazing. Ben Harris has rebuilt the concept from the ground up to unlock powerful new applications that transform the classic trick deck into one of the most powerful gimmicked decks available today.

    Symmetry & Parity is a one-of-a-kind project that combines a stunning 130-page hardcover book with everything you need to start performing immediately. This includes three custom-made gimmicked decks that can’t be purchased anywhere else, as well as a handmade gimmicked card box specially designed by Ben with its own sneaky principles.

    This is so much more than just slapping a new coat of paint on an old magic shop deck. Ben Harris has created a:

    - Revolutionary way to seemingly allow your spectator to shuffle the gimmicked deck.
    - A color-changing deck routine with three different changes that takes advantage of a new style of Svengali deck.
    - The cleanest full-deck Oil & Water routine imaginable. 

    ...and so much more!

    Symmetry & Parity is a masterclass in stripping an effect to its bare bones and rebuilding it in a way that offers the same clarity, but with just enough added complexity to prevent the audience from ever deconstructing it. In essence, by offering no plausible solution, a simple magic trick becomes a true miracle in the eyes of your spectators.

    The ingenious discovery that allows participants to seemingly shuffle the gimmicked deck is worth the price of the book alone. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a variety of new applications for this powerful principle ranging from magician-foolers to a string of impressive effects that can be done one right after the other.

    You can learn as you read without every building a single gimmick. The three included gimmicked decks are specially-printed by the United States Playing Card Company and Ben’s ingenious, handmade Tardian Case comes ready to use. Everything is packed in a gorgeous box set that you will display proudly in your library or on your shelf.