THE CLASSIC COLLECTION vol. 5 - Harry Lorayne
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Dette er den definitivt sidste bog i Harry Loraynes flotte "Classic Collection" bogserie. 435 sider, der bl.a. indeholder teknikker og rutiner omkring talmagi og lynregning - og hele hans populære "The Himber Wallet Book".

Mere information

  • No, there won't be another volume after this... Because there are no more original Lorayne book sto re-write. This is it!

    Additions, Revisions, Upgrading, and Updating for and of the Doug Edwards Packs a Wallop, The Himber Wallet Book, Mathematical Wizardry, Plus some NEW IDEAS & concepts.

    Every item is practical, do able, useful, and "Packs a Wallop!"

    If you want "miracle" choices of wallet effects you'll find over 50 of them in The Himber Wallet Book... and Mathematical Wizardry will show you how to make your audiences "marvel at your Amazing Number Tricks, Lightening Calculations, and Magical Knowledge! They'll think you're a genius!"