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Smuk udgivelse, hvor Mike Caveney præsenterer og detaljeret gennemgår de tre sidste illusioner han præsenterede på "Conference on Magic History": Spirit Cabinet, Birth of the Pearl og Thin Model Sawing. 154 sider. 162 fotografier.

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  • This beautiful, 154-page book provides a detailed description of the last three illusions that Mike Caveney presented at the Los Angeles Conference on Magic History including Carter the Great’s Spirit Cabinet, Rooklyn’s Birth of the Pearl, and John Daniel’s original Thin Model Sawing. Read the behind-the-scenes story of how these illusions were brought back to life along with their complete routines and patter. Mike’s performances of all three illusions are available on YouTube.

    This book also serves as a companion to Sawing: The Astonishing History of Magic’s Most Iconic Illusion. Mike’s previous Sawing book focused on the history of this illusion while this new book delves into the original design and development of John Daniel’s, Virgil’s, and Walter Blaney’s versions of the Sawing. For the first time you can literally peek inside these classic illusions thanks to fifty new photographs that did not appear in the previous book. You will also find an entire chapter on the life of Zati Sungur, the man who invented the Thin Sawing illusion during the 1930s. His amazing career is brought to life through dozens of previously-unpublished photos.

    9 by 12 inches, printed in full-color, hardbound with leather spine, and printed endsheets.


    “Absolutely sensational! Sitting down with it and reading it line-by-line while watching the corresponding YouTube videos frame-by-frame was truly one of the most fascinating experiences I have ever had in magic. I thought I knew a lot. Turns out that I didn't know jack shit. Reading about the pieces through both the magic effect and history lenses is the way to go for me. Brought me back to the LA History Conferences.- Andy L

    “I’m only going to write this once, because I have the feeling I might need to write several times a day.  They say when you know the method to a trick you will be disappointed at its simplicity.  Well, I just read page 24.  Absolutely ingenious! I’m anything but disappointed!” - Larry H