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I denne fine bog har Harapan Ong samlet en lille serie eminent gode korttricks, der kan udføres med blot fire specialkort (der er vedlagt). Kortene passer til almindelige røde Biycle kort. Her får du virkelig noget for pengene! Klik og se anmeldelsen...

Mere information

  • Harapan Ong has finally cracked the code to a problem plaguing countless magicians...

    As magicians, we love playing cards. With 1,000s of different decks of cards available, some of us have amassed quite a collection of custom playing cards. Often these decks replace the Jokers and advertising cards with special gimmick cards. Yet, for the most part, don't give you much insight on how to use them.

    With The Four Treasures, Harapan Ong teaches you how to turn these overlooked gaffs into powerful tools for your everyday repertoire.

    An expert card magician, Harapan has identified the double-backer, double-index card and two different double-faced cards as the most versatile gimmicked cards. He carries them in every deck of cards and now is ready to share his knowledge with you.

    The Four Treasures features four incredible effects. Each one uses exactly one of these treasures. This means that, as long as you have at least one of these four playing cards in your case, you'll be able to perform a card magic miracle.

    Get Ready to Learn:
    - An easy two-card transpo that will catch even the most clever magicians off guard.
    - How to make a signed selection disappear from a spectator's open palm and reappear in your pocket.
    - A brilliant packet trick with a stunning imbalanced transposition finale
    - A powerful sandwich routine with two selections and a kicker ending that will have your audiences baffled (Harapan's personal favorite routine in the book)

    Every routine in The Four Treasures is described in great detail and accompanied by more than 90 stunning, color photographs. To make learning even easier, you'll also receive a link to a full video performance of every trick.

    So, grab your copy of The Four Treasures now and get ready to learn some killer card magic that you can, and will, want to carry with you everywhere!

    NOTE: This book comes with Red Bicycle Rider Back Playing Card Gaffs. However, the effects can be performed with similar gaffs from any deck.