THE ILLUSIONEER - Carlos Vaquera
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Den her bog af belgiske Carlos Vaguera har været en bestseller på fransk. Fyldt med fabelagtigt close-up trylleri og inspirerende essays og netop så god, at den nu er blevet udgivet på engelsk. Flot publikation på 298 sider.

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  • "I found the book absolutely fascinating.....This one was a delight. Chock full of cool card and coin effects....some of the card tricks were inspired by the works of Edward Victor, Jack Carpenter, Dan and Dave Buck, Larry Jennings..tons of really cleaver ideas with an unique twist on many of them. I encourage you to get the book JUST for the essays ALONE. He has essays on finding a mentor, craftsmanship of magic verses art of magic, music; and my favorites were 8 tenets of magic, and the one on stage freight." - Shawn Farquhar 

    "The Illusioneer" was a critically-acclaimed smash success in its original French language, and now this important work has been translated into English. You'll learn Matrix handlings, as well as stunning card magic designed for use in professional gala shows or strolling engagements. Carlos Vaquera is a seminal force of European magic, and this is his opus.

    With more than thirty card effects, six coin pieces, and several essays on the practical theory of magic, "The Illusioneer" will inspire you to push harder with your magic.

    You will learn:

    • 32 card tricks
    • 6 coin tricks
    • 6 moves
    • Plus 8 essays

    Belgium's Carlos Vaquera has an unrivaled fluidity and elegance when he performs. His close-up style is visual and effortless, and in this book he takes you through his life's work in concise, step-by-step instructions. With nearly 300 pages of instruction and beautiful illustrations, this book is a rare glimpse into the mind of one of Europe's real masters.

    Hardbound. 298 pages.