THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON - David Solomon & Jeff Siegfried
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En fantastisk kortbog af Ed Marlo eleven David Solomon i samarbejde med Jeff Siegfried. Over 50 effekter beskrevet, ledsaget af over 200 fotos. Bogen indeholder bl.a. Ed Marlo effekter du ikke finder andre steder. 212 sider, bogindbundet.

Mere information

  • The Wisdom of Solomon has over 50 effects succinctly written by David Solomon and Jeff Siegfried in a manner similar in style to past Marlo writings. There are over 200 photos to clearly illustrate all sleights, layouts, and procedures. At the beginning of each effect the reader is treated to David's personal reflections in the section aptly titled, "Solomon's Mind."

    The Wisdom of Solomon Features:
    - More than 50 card effects, with over 200 photos
    - Full Presentational Pieces for any audience.
    - Effects for the Intermediate through Expert card Enthusiast
    - Commercial Stunners & Magician Foolers
    - A Dose of Clever Gaffed Effects
    - A Chapter of Don May's magic
    - Unpublished Ed Marlo Tricks
    - David Solomon's Personal Reflections

    Highlighted Effects:
    - A signed Joker becomes the signed selection
    - Gypsy Curse with new patter
    - Double Clock effect
    - Don May's No Strip Multiple Shifts
    - Expert Poker Deals
    - Blank Jazz Aces with presentation

    David Solomon is one of the most prolific thinkers in card magic today. From his earliest days at the table with his friend and mentor, Ed Marlo, to the more recent days of his Saturday Chicago Sessions with Simon Aronson and John Bannon, David has been a consistent source of card magic discussion, planning, creation, and performance.

    Jeff Siegfried has been performing magic for over 20 years, and is an educator/writer by trade. He currently performs weekly at three restaurants in the greater Chicagoland area, and performs monthly for corporate, and private events. David and Jeff are great friends.

    Pages 212 - Hardbound w/ Dust Jacket