WAYNE DOBSON'S LEGACY - Wayne Dobson & Bob Gill
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Enestående 3-binds-værk om en af magiens mest ikoniske artister og kreatører. Igennem 1000 sider får du hele historien om Wayne Dobson sammen med udførlig beskrivelse af 150 rutiner, Det er A+++ materiale, som Lance Burton kommenterer.

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  • A remarkable, three-book collection honoring the legacy and iconic routines of one of magic’s most prodigious performers and creators.

    Wayne Dobson is one of the UK’s finest television magicians, a legend in the tradition of Chan Canasta, Al Koran, David Berglas, David Nixon, Tommy Cooper, and Paul Daniels. The international superstar has headlined everywhere from the most prestigious UK venues to the Las Vegas Strip. He cemented his place as a household name with three highly successful TV series, most notably the eponymous “Wayne Dobson - A Kind of Magic”, which brought in 11 million weekly viewers during its prime.

    It’s a tall task attempting to capture a life as remarkable and expansive as Wayne Dobson’s, particularly given his severe medical condition. But, thanks to tireless support from writer Bob Gill, who interviewed and workshopped with Wayne daily over a five-year period, “Wayne Dobson’s Legacy” manages to do so masterfully.

    Wayne Dobson’s Legacy gives you unrestricted behind-the-scenes access to Wayne’s life, legacy, and most cherished magic secrets. There are more than 1,000 total pages split across three gorgeous, hardback books—each with its own distinct focus. You can purchase them individually or get the full three-book set with a beautiful custom slipcase.

    Originally, this project was supposed to be just a memoir. However, during the writing of Volume I, Wayne re-discovered a lost collection of notes containing 150+ routines and ideas intended for a fourth TV series, which was canceled when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This discovery inspired him to comb through all of his work and pick the strongest material to create a second, and eventually third, book for this incredible set.

    When deciding which of the effects would make it to print for Wayne Dobson’s Legacy, Wayne followed a simple mantra: “If I was still working on screen, which of these routines would I perform?” The answers to that question are revealed in Volumes II and III.

    3 Beautiful hardcover books with slipcase, published by Vanishing Inc.
    Volume 1 (377 Pages)
    Volume 2 (328 Pages)
    Volume 3 (314 Pages)

    "Wayne has one of the greatest minds in magic, and this new three-book set is absolutely sensational. It's essential reading for anyone who loves magic." - Andy Nyman

    "Wayne Dobson has just done an AMAZING service for the magic community! His new three-volume book, Wayne Dobson’s Legacy, is jam packed with first rate, audience tested, A+++ material! What a legacy it is!" - Lance Burton

    "Wayne has the ability to dissect the essence of a gag, premise, trick, or joke and get right to the heart of it, quickly, for maximum effect with minimal means; no artful pretensions, or long-winded preambles. It's as if he has decoded human perception and has found the shortest route to funny and fooling." - David Williamson

    "Wayne is a master, both of magic and of being loved by those who watch him." - Derren Brown

    "These volumes are simply incredible. The look, feel, binding, design, layout, writing and of course, content is of the highest level. So well done." - Jeff Hobson