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A fantastic set of the classic Combo Cups & Balls - now with build-in "Chop Cup". The heavy cups are made of brass and the surface has been bronzed to give the special retro look. Each cups weights 365 gram. Very nice packaging.

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  • "Amazing! Unmatched quality!" - Michael Ammar

    As one of the most classic effects in magic, the cups and balls routine combines almost all the magic effects in one: disappearing, appearing, switching locations, changing colour penetration and and more.

    The new "COMBO Cups and Balls Set" from TCC Magic has been greatly improved over the previous versions. This chop cup version features new machining technology to conceal the gimmick and ensure that the three cups are identical. 

    About the cups 
    The cups are made of superior brass, firm and durable with a good antioxidant effect. This allows you to use them for a life time. As you know, the weight is the most important part for cups and balls and these are heavy. Each cup weight 365 grams giving it better tactility, feel, and balance in the hand.

    The combo cups can hold a tennis ball as a final load, with three working balls sitting comfortably on the saddle even when the cups are stacked.
    The classic look has a retro style. The surface of these cups has been bronzed and covered with white wax. 

    About the balls 
    These balls have been fully hand knitted with yarn. The solid wood ball inside each provides the appropriately moderate weight for manipulation. The red balls also fit these classic cups perfectly. One of them is gimmicked for the Chop Cup.

    Flannelette bags 
    Almost all magicians have been attracted to Tommy Wonder's TWO-CUPS AND BALLS ROUTINE, especially the misdirection of the flannelette bags. The Artistic Cups and Balls also contains a bag that is made by dark blue flannelette fabric. You will like the design of the cup-shaped pendant. 

    Everything comes in an elegant protective box.

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