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We have found the perfect tools for this old mystery in magic, where a large safety pin penetrates right through the fabric of a solid handkerchief - in several different ways. Safety pin, vintage looking handkerchief and video.

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  • This effect - "The Phantom Safety Pin" - is nearly 100-years old. It appeared in the third volume of the Tarbell Course in Magic by Harlan Tarbell in 1928. However, it only taught the method, but did not mention the origin of this trick. This seems to be a mystery, an old and elegant mystery...
    It is a pleasure for us to offer the perfect material for this ancient and elegant mystery. 

    The magician invites a volunteer to stick the large safety pin into the handkerchief and fasten it. Then, the magician tears the handkerchief and removes the pin. Just when everyone thinks that the handkerchief could not possibly be restored, the magician makes a magical gesture and unfolds the handkerchief. It is intact, back in perfect condition!

    The magician then lets the volunteer buckle the pin in one of the corners of the handkerchief and point to any position along the edge. The magician pulls the pin to the position specified by the audience. The pin moves like a ghost on the handkerchief, and finally stops at the position indicated by the volunteer. The handkerchief is still intact!

    - Centennial classical magic
    - Easy to carry
    - No need to prepare in advance, you can perform at any time
    - Design of handkerchief is vintage and beautiful
    - Both safety pin and handkerchief can be examined by the audience before and after the performance
    - Suitable for close-up performances and parlor interaction
    - No angle limitations

    You get the handkerchief and large safety pin along with a short videointroduction which will clearly show the principle. After watching just a few minutes, you will start playing around with this old beautiful magic mystery - and enjoy to have just the right tools for it.