Itemnumber: 5200_6-8
DKK 300.00
DKK 240.00 ex. VAT
Do you know a child aged 6, 7, or 8 who would love to learn magic? Let the magician and owner of this magic shop, Steen Pegani, select a magic kit that perfectly matches the recipient's age and your budget.

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  • As a real magic shop we are able to offer you a specially curated magic box to match the recipient's age and your budget. We do not throw in 100 small plastic trinkets into a box; instead, we select fewer, high-quality tricks that we know the young magician will enjoy.

    The content is carefully selected by the owner of the show, magician Steen Pegani, who has been practicing magic since the age of 9 and has since then helped an entire generation of new magicians get started.

    A handpicked magic box for children aged 6-8 may include tricks such as the a small "Drawer Box", "Zig Zag Rope", "Cups and Balls" and "The Magic Prediction Book".We neatly pack these magical wonders in a box with tissue paper and ensure that there are detailed instructions included with everything.

    Each magic set is packed with the recipient in mind, so if there's anything specific we should know, you can leave a note for us in the comment section (under the address).

    Please note that the photo is just an illustrative example, as each set is hand picked exactly as requested.