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Swedish master craftman Tim Star has made us another small serie of this new "Ring Grinder" also known as "Comedy Sparkling Polisher". The perfect funny way to vanish a borrowed finger ring. Best version you will find.

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  • After being out of the market for a very long time, we have now received a small batch of this new version of "STAR POLISHER" aka "RING GRINDER". Produced to perfection by our Scandinavian problem solver and prop wizard, Tim Star. There is no better Sparkling Polisher on the market!

    Well, what is it?

    A handheld wireless electronic polisher. When you press the button, it starts rotating lightning fast, but whenever you want, large sparks will spray out to all sides! Imagine that you offer to polish a spectator's borrowed finger ring and enjoy the reactions, when the sparks suddenly start to explode... - and the finger ring vanish.

    You can use this gag for anything: silverware, keys, watches, cell phones, scissors, your own nails, etc.

    You receive the very specially adjusted machine in solid quality, as well as a charger, extra flints. Also included is a video where Tim Star himself explains all the details. A superb prop for the professional entertainer.

    Click at the YouTube video and watch Steen Pegani demonstrate an earlier version of the Star Polisher.

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