BALL/FOOTBALL 11" - 25 stk.
Itemnumber: 45388q
DKK 69.00 / pcs
DKK 55.20 ex. VAT
Festively decorate for the football party, the cup final or perhaps for the football-happy confirmand. Bag with 25 football balloons in the best quality from Qualatex. Can be filled with both ordinary air or helium.

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  • Bag with 25 pcs. balloons with black squares like a football. The latex balloons are manufactured by Qualatex in Canada. They are solid and with a long neck, so they are easy to tie.

    If you fill them with helium to full size of 27 cm. in diameter, they can stay flying for up to 18 hours. In this helium disposable tank , there is enough helium for all 25 balloons in the bag.
    You can of course also choose to blow them up with completely ordinary air and possibly. put them on a balloon stick .

    Perfect as a decoration for the football-crazy birthday boy or confirmand - or maybe for the football final or the cup final.