BIG POLKA DOTS - 25 pcs.
Itemnumber: 54138Q
DKK 69.00 / pcs
DKK 55.20 ex. VAT
25 beautiful, festive balloons in the colors pink and wild berry, with large white printed polka dots. For the party for the girls, for the girls' bachelor party, for Mother's Day - or maybe for the "support the breasts" campaign. Best quality.

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  • 25 beautiful, fresh, colorful polka dot balloons in the colors pink and wild berry. For the girls 'party, for the bachelorette party, for the girls' night - or anytime, when pink is the color that suits.

    The balloons are in the best quality from Qualatex. They are in the size 11 ", which corresponds to about 28 cm. In diameter. You can fill them with air or helium, whichever suits best.

    Mix them if necessary. with solid-colored balloons. You will find links to all the colors below.