BIG POLKA DOTS 11" - 25 stk.
Itemnumber: 14248q
DKK 69.00 / pcs
DKK 55.20 ex. VAT
Large-dot balloons in a good mix of beautiful and fresh colors. The Qualatex balloons are inflated up to approx. 27 cm. in diameter and are more solid than other balloons - they also last longer on both air and helium.

More information

  • One can then only be happy to look at these large polka dot balloons from Qualatex. The balloons are in the so-called 11 "size, which can be inflated up to 27 cm. In diameter.

    With our large tank balloon helium you can fill all 25 pcs. up to full size. Of course, you can also inflate them with plain air.

    Bag with 25 pcs. in mixed festive colors.