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Decorate with these impressive balloon numbers when there is something to celebrate - for birthdays, anniversaries, silver or gold weddings. These are the best quality you will find and they are not comparable to cheaper china balloons.

Below you will find the numbers from 0-9 in two different sizes.

First the small 40 cm. balloon number for air, where you can choose between gold or silver. You can easily inflate the small foil numbers with the included straw. Note that they are not large enough to be able to hover with helium!

Then we have the large balloon numbers that are inflated to be approx. 85 cm. tall. The large foil balloons can be filled with ordinary air using a balloon pump , but if you want them to float nicely, you need to fill them with balloon gas . With our small helium container you can fill two of the large foil numbers, and with our large disposable tank with helium, you can fill five large numbers. Here you can choose from five different colors: silver, gold, blue, magenta and black.

With both types of foil balloons, the valve closes automatically, so there are no knots to tie. The balloons are provided with some small "eyes" at the edges so you can easily tie them together with other balloons or put a string in them.

Have you noticed that we also have balloons as letters ?

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Foil balloons shaped like the numbers from 0-9. Both small at 40 cm. for air and large of 85 cm. to helium. Day-to-day delivery from Pegani.