We found this fine little piece of "geek magic" in Japan. We handed one of them to Kim Andersen (along with the Japanese instructions), and he came up with his very own handling of it. When you buy it from us, you also will get access to an instruction video, where Kim teaches you exactly how to get the most out of it.

It's simple. It's fun. And quite scary to watch!

You take up a pin and hold it clearly between your thumb and forefinger. You explain, that you will now bend the needle by pure sleight of mind. You press carefully, but suddenly something goes wrong, and the needle vanish right into your finger! Ooouch!!!
You pull it out again and your finger it completely unharmed. And the pin...? Yes, it can be examined.

We sold out of every single piece we brought with us, both at The Session in London and at the Blackpool Convention 2019.

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We got this set of special squeakers from a supplier in South Korea and could instantly see the fun in them. But only when Kim Andersen got them in his hands, it developed into a solid routine, which became an instant hit.
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Yep - as the only European dealer with got this incredible package "The Silver Edge" - a smashhit at the Blackpool Convention 2019. You get five coins along with the 1 hour and 45 minutes tutorial starring Danish Kim Andersen.
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For over 25 years Steve Spill has been amazing audiences worldwide with his fantastic version of the classic Needle Swallowing act. The act is without question the definitive routine for the discerning performer.
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In stock
Picking up a needle, you plunge it into the bare flesh of your forearm! Even though the blood continues to flow down your arm, amazingly the arm is unharmed. Scary realistic!
NEEDLE THRU ARM - Harry Andersson 440
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/ UNIT incl. VAT
Sold out right now...