"My name’s Mr Messado, I’m going to show you the magic of Messado’s rings. Are you ready? Gather round let me show you something cool…”

So starts the most phenomenal performance of the Linking Rings you’ve ever seen. Despite a startling series of flourishy links, unlinks and displays in his performance, it's Messado's involvement of the spectators that really shines - taking the linking rings from a detached exhibition of stage magic to a totally engaging close-up experience.

We not got the Messado Rings in stock both in carbon-black and gold - and you can order the rings alone or together with the great instruction DVD.

This routine makes the spectator central to the magic - from sticking out a finger to unlink the rings at their very touch, to physically holding a ring and crashing it through another - linking them in their own hands - the magic happens just inches away from their nose.

This is a routine that builds, rather than flatlines, with the rings linking and unlinking under increasingly impossible conditions. Messado’s performance involves rings that jump to join others, links that happen in midair- even links that seem to defy gravity.

Built to Joshua Messado’s exact specification these rings are just perfect. The Messado Rings are unlike any other rings you’ve seen - they have a larger gauge, but smaller circumference than other close-up rings (e.g – Ninja Rings).

When it comes to teaching, Messado holds nothing back. Even if you’ve never touched a key ring in your life, Messado will have you performing like a master in just a few hours. He teaches his full routine - from start to finish, from the most basic single link through to his wrap-up flourish display, in stunning and meticulous detail.

The Messado Rings, Messado Display, The Key Ring & Practice

Spectator Routine, Wrap Up Routine, Live Performances & Tips

Key Ring Link, Double Rings Link, Centrifugal Link, Flipping Link, Silent Link, Quad Link &Spinning Jumper Link

Basic Unlink, Spectator Unlink, Silent Unlink & Centrifugal Unlink

Matrix Spin, Nunchucks, Impossible Jumper & Karate Kid

Add the Messado Rings to your arsenal today. You'll be glad you did.

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