UNPLUGGED XLR - Rubén Vilagrand
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Rubén Vilagrand's take on Pavel's "Super Walking Knot" has now been updated with XLR-connectors, that looks even more like the real thing. The quality is fantastic. Click and watch the presentation.

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  • We are happy to be one of the few dealers in the world, offering Rubén Vilagrand’s “Unplugged XLR” The 2.0 edition of his award-winning and prestigious Unplugged!

    After more than a decade of work Rubén Vilagrand shares once again with the magical community a new and original update of his acclaimed Unplugged, this time, he presents us with a limited edition, specially designed for AUDIO!

    What professional illusionist doesn't use a microphone or speaker in his show? Or maybe an instrument? With only Unplugged XLR you will be able to add a professional and exceptionally original routine to your repertoire. Its possibilities are unlimited and its quality meets the highest standards.

    First phase:
    The magician slides the XLR connector about 2 meters, letting it fall by gravity to the next point where it will automatically brake at the point to be able to disconnect it with total liberty. Once the next point has been reached, and with absolute clarity, the magician disconnects showing both parts of the connectors held only by the cable!

    Second phase:
    The magician repeats the action, reconnect and slide – only this time accompanying it with his hand to the next point that is another 2 meters away, and disconnect it again.

    Final phase:
    The magician twists the cable more or less in the center leaving the connectors loose (hanging separately) and holding the cable away from the knot. With the help of his mouth, he magically removes the center piece with the connectors. Separating the connectors from the long cable which is now just one piece!

    - Easy to do, practically automatic.
    - Pack small - play big! You have a suitable routine from parlor magic to big stages.
    - It is not a rope routine! Unless you do "Pavel's "Walking knot" or original "Unplugged", you can include it in your repertoire without worrying even if you do other rope routines.
    - It is an extremely original and versatile routine, Rubén Vilagrand presents it with a radio but believes that you can adapt it to any audio device. This greatly multiplies the presentation possibilities! For instance a speaker, a microphone, any amplified electric instrument, guitar, violin… even a DJ table, Pedal Loop….
    - Maximum quality of material, all made in Spain, assembled by hand and revised one by one, designed exclusively for "Unplugged"

    You receive:
    More than 10 meters of cable-rope prepared for the 3 phases of the game, including male and female XLR connectors and lnk to the tutorial in which it shows the basic handling and customization tip.

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